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№ 16 Hope Ranch - 8 Oz. Candle

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Hope Ranch is known for its unique unincorporated tree lined coastal elegance where ranches and the sea become one. This part of California was first written about in the 1700's and became Hope Ranch in the 1800’s and has retained its exclusivity and elegance as Santa Barbara and the World exploded. Hope Ranch is a small slice of heaven, where you can be near a mountain side creek surrounded by California Oak Trees and within minutes on the famous beaches below where horses enjoy the sand and water. Hope Ranch, where the sun shines 250 days a year with and everyday world class views of the Purple Santa Ynez Mountains, Horses ranches and riding, and yet the ocean air reminds you the beaches are near. Hope is in the air and the air smells of woods, pine cones, and oranges peels.

Santa Barbara Apothecary Co.™ soy candles are handmade locally. Every scent is personally blended and hand-poured in small batches to ensure quality and scent throw. Santa Barbara Apothecary Co.™ are made with 100% United States domestic soy wax and cotton zinc free wicks for a clean and beautiful burn. These vintage style amber apothecary jar candles are 8 ounces and will burn for 50 – 64 hours depending on the length of each burn. 

  • Premium Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils 
  • 100% Clean Burning Soy Wax
  • Eco-Friendly Zinc-Free Cotton Wick 

Jar Details:

  • Reusable Authentic Mason Jar with Pewter Lid
  • Jar Height: 3.5'
  • Jar Diameter: 3'
  • Burn Time: 50-64 Hours per Candle


    The first time you light your Santa Barbara Apothecary Co. luxury candle, make sure you have 1-2 hours to burn your candle all the way to the edges of the jar.  The first burn is important so that your candle burns properly all the way down.  If you burn your candle more than four hours at a time, it will burn down faster.  Trim your wick to a 1/4 inch (if needed) after each burn.