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Our Scents

№ 1 Surfers' Point

One of Ventura’s iconic surf spots. Along California Street sometimes called C-Street, others call it The Point but everyone knows that Surfers Point is where the surfers line up and seek that endless summer that Ventura can offer. Surfers Point captures the essence of Surf. For the person who loves some lime in their coconut.

2  Ojai Valley Apple

That sweet smell of fresh apple fills the air. Ojai is that sweet farm town that California has left alone. From its small main street to its world famous orchards. Ojai Valley is a true gem and Ojai Valley Apple is as crisp as a fresh apple..

№ 3  Driftwood

Taking a stroll down most of the Santa Barbara Beaches and you will see many different shapes and sizes of driftwood. I wanted to create a scent that reminds you of that stroll down Ledbetter Beach or Rincon. Driftwood offers exotic salty sea air with its notes of dried coconut, eucalyptus, night blooming jasmine, carnation, and Vetiver followed by sun dried driftwood and the tanginess of seaweed. Driftwood helps you drift back to that walk on Santa Barbara’s beaches without a care in the world.

4  Central Coast Citrus

At the heart of Central California are our farmers, specifically the citrus farmers. My husband reminisces about his childhood in the citrus groves. From playing hide and seek to sneaking an Orange or two it seemed so many of his childhood days evolved around citrus. Central Coast Citrus captures that strong citrus history that helped make California great and the Central Coast so famous.

5  San Ysidro Lavender

San Ysidro has so many beautiful things to appreciate. The rolling fields of lavender, on the upper part of San Ysidro Road, are instantly calming. The San Ysidro Lavender scent is as pure as the beauty of those lavender fields. The scent will fill your room with that calming Lavender scent.

6  Montecito Money

If the smell of opulence is what you desire, let Montecito Money take you away. Since before there was a freeway system, Montecito was connected to Hollywood. From Charlie Chaplin to the who's who of Hollywood call Montecito Home. This candle captures the scent of the woodsy coastal retreat that captures your heart and makes you call it home.

7  Butterfly Beach

One of California’s most luxurious beaches. Butterfly Beach is surrounded by opulent beach estates in Montecito. Soft sand and long summer days with an old California Casino that reminds you of the years gone past. The Butterfly Beach candle captures the luxury of one of Santa Barbara’s finest beaches and takes you back to that ultimate state of relaxation.

8  Funk Zone

Santa Barbara’s former art enclave and home to our first retail location. This eclectic little part of town is home to famous restaurants, surf shops, urban wine tours and some of Santa Barbara’s best breweries. The Funk Zone has a masculine scent that conjures up memories of a rustic leather club chair, an aged fine whiskey and a little Cuban Cigar, and a light fruity note scent mixed that brings it all together. Get Funky with The Funk Zone.

. 9  Fig & State

The biggest Fig tree in the US was once planted on State Street. A year later it was moved to its current historical location. We captured the essence of State Street and pay respect to our history. The tree is so iconic one of our favorite intersections is Figeoura and State Street.

10  Riviera French Kiss

Riviera French Kiss should remind you of “that date” and bring you to your happy place. AKA the sexy man candle.  For me that is the American Riviera with my husband. Riviera French Kiss has a dash of Cardamom, Bergamot, Lemon and Rosemary. It is almost guaranteed to spice up your love life.

11  The Rose Garden

No trip to the Santa Barbara Mission is complete without a visit to  the iconic Mission Rose Garden. You are captured by the lushness of the garden and then overtaken by the scent. The Rose Garden is unmistakably Rose.

12  The Mission

All of the signs point to the famous and historic Santa Barbara Mission, a mixture of herbs and floral scents. The Monks tend to the luscious grounds  year round and we feel that beauty has found its way into this scent profile. One of the few ways to take a piece of the Mission to your home. 

13  Cali Chai

Seattle may be the home of coffee, but California put the cool in Chai. Our Cali Chai reminds you of that early morning fog and the warm aroma of Chai helps you embrace the day ahead, keeps you smiling until the sun starts shining. Cali Chai captures that cool California local coffee shop vibe, while it warms up your room with spicy vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

14  Ellwood Eucalyptus

Ellwood Eucalyptus is our homage to Mr. Ellwood, who brought the Eucalyptus tree to the US and initially in Santa Barbara. Of course Santa Barbara’s tree lined estate roads must smell as good as they look. The smell of Eucalyptus fills the air in Santa Barbara and Ellwood Eucalyptus captures that with the fresh and pure scent of eucalyptus.

15  Goodland Grapefruit

This scent takes you back to the days when Goleta was covered with citrus. The smooth yet citrus smell of grapefruit is sure to fill the room. Goleta earned its nickname “The Goodland”  via good people and good homegrown citrus and fruits.

16  Hope Ranch 

Hope Ranch is known for its unique unincorporated tree lined coastal elegance where ranches and the sea become one. This part of California was first written about in the 1700's and became Hope Ranch in the 1800’s and has retained its exclusivity and elegance as Santa Barbara and the World exploded. Hope Ranch is a small slice of heaven, where you can be near a mountain side creek surrounded by California Oak Trees and within minutes of the famous beaches where horses enjoy the sand and water. Hope Ranch, where the sun shines 250 days a year with and everyday world class views of the Purple Santa Ynez Mountains, Horse ranches and riding, and yet the ocean air reminds you the beaches are near. Hope is in the air and the air smells of woods, pine cones, and orange peels.