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Candle Snuffers

A Santa Barbara Apothecary Co. candle snuffer is the perfect stylish accessory for candle lovers everywhere. No home is complete without elegant candle tools like a candle snuffer and wick trimmer for ultimate candle management. Using these tools helps ensure an even burn of your favorite Santa Barbara Apothecary Co. candle, helping to extend the lifespan of wicks for a lasting elegant candle experience each and every time.

Don’t blow out the flame! Extinguish your candle with a candle snuffer, a timeless accessory that has been used for ages to snuff and cool a lit candle. Snuffing your candle keeps both smoke out of the air and soot out of your candle wax.

About Our Candle Snuffers

A candle snuffer is the essential accessory for candle enthusiasts, offering both practical use and aesthetic benefits. These tools, first invented in 1776 and originally known as candle extinguishers or flame douters, have evolved significantly in design and functionality​​. Another essential tool for candle enthusiasts is wick trimmers, which help prevent soot buildup, lengthen the candle's life, and control the burn for optimal scent and minimal soot.

A typical candle snuffer is a bell-shaped cone made of metal, attached to a long handle, designed to snuff a candle, also know as easily extinguishing the candle flames. This design is particularly beneficial for reaching the wick and flame of candles placed in hard-to-reach areas of homes, such as ledges lining a fireplace or wall sconces. By using a snuffer, you can prevent wax and soot from scattering on walls or other surfaces, a common issue when blowing or putting out a candle directly​​.


Candle snuffers are an elegant tool and practical tool for extinguishing candles, offering several benefits. Candle snuffers today are not just known as a functional tool but also decorative pieces. They can be an integral part of home décor, with many creative and cute decorative designs available.


When blowing out candles, it's common for hot wax to splatter, which can damage surfaces or fabrics. A candle snuffer eliminates this risk by gently suffocating the flame without causing any disturbance to the melted wax around the flame or wick.


Blowing out a candle can produce a significant amount of soot and smoke, which can accumulate on nearby surfaces and the candle itself. Using a candle snuffer helps to minimize soot production, keeping both the candle and its surroundings cleaner.


Some candles, especially those placed in deep jars or in hard-to-reach spots, can be challenging to extinguish flames safely. A snuffer, often featuring a long handle, makes it easy to snuff out these candles without the risk of burning oneself or upsetting the candle's placement.


Snuffers are a safer way to extinguish candle flames, especially in the homes, households with children, pets, or where there's a risk of knocking the candle over while trying to blow it out.


Beyond their practicality, candle snuffers come in a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary, making them a decorative home accessory in their own right. They can be chosen to match the style and décor of a room, adding an extra touch of elegance.


By preventing the wick from smoldering or being damaged when blown out, a wick snuffer can actually help prolong the life of the wick of a candle, ensuring an even burn for maximum efficiency. Wick trimmers can also help in preserving the life of the candle by ensuring an even burn.

Candle snuffers are a blend of functionality and style, enhancing the candle-using experience by ensuring cleanliness, safety, and convenience, while also serving as a charming decorative item.


Don’t forget to add a candle wick trimmer to your cart as well. Wick trimmers are essential for preventing soot buildup and controlling the burn for optimal scent and minimal soot. Ditch the scissors, they are no longer needed as a tool to trim your wicks. Our wick trimmer selection is the ideal pair accessory to go alongside your snuffer for the ultimate wick management setup. Our gift set includes each accessory along with your choice of candles.

A candle wick trimmer and snuffer make the perfect gift and stylish accessory for friends, family and anyone looking for a cute set of items that are easy to love and will last for a long time. They will think of you each time they use their snuffer in their home offering the perfect personal touch.

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