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Antiqued Gold Candle Snuffer

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Elevate your candle extinguishing experience with our opulent antiqued gold snuffer, a quintessential accessory from Santa Barbara Apothecary Co.

Each gold candle snuffer is a testament to our commitment to luxury and precision, designed to complement the refined elegance of our candles. A treasured addition for connoisseurs of sophisticated home fragrances. Utilizing a wick snuffer helps to prolong the life of your candle by snuffing out the flame rather than blowing which can cause wax to spray outside the vessel as well as soot to develop within. With soot comes smoke and a reduction in the quality of air along with an impact to your favorite fragrance.

Ensuring you use this little tool for snuffing helps prevent soot as you extinguish the flame of your Santa Barbara Apothecary Co. candles. With each burn allow the maximum scent to fill the air, leaving no details overlooked. Not only can they snuff a candle with ease, but they also add to your home decor style with a touch of elegance and class.

We also offer Rose Gold Candle Snuffers, Matte Black Candle Snuffers & Silver Candle Snuffers along with other products to extend the life of your candle including our candle Wick Trimmer. The pair make the perfect gift for friends and candle lovers alike.


Antiqued Silver Candle Snuffer

Antiqued Rose Gold Candle Snuffer

Matte Black Candle Snuffer

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